Read our white paper on cost saving vehicle power alternatives, then fill out the form below to get in touch with your regional sales manager for further details. See Zero Emissions Vehicle Power applications for work trucks and emergency vehicles

Find Out How Zero Emissions Power Can Save Money and Eliminate Idling!

See zero emissions vehicle power applications for work trucks and emergency vehicles

Fully Customizable Idle Reduction Technology Solutions For All Types of Fleet and Work Vehicles

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Zero Emissions Power.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

Turning the engine off and keeping the power running is made possible with Mission Critical Electronics and our advanced technologies that provide zero emissions power, anytime, anywhere.


Reliable power solutions for optimal performance and comfort even with the vehicle is off.

  • Idle mitigation systems
  • Generator free power systems
  • Energy generation, storage, and conversion
  • Inverters, battery chargers, batteries, solar, and high output alternators
  • HVAC capability for cab comfort
  • Operate heavy-duty equipment, tools, and critical components on-site
  • Real time system performance data for ROI tracking

At the heart of our award winning, patented solutions is Lithium-ion energy source which is replenished through various sources such as shore power, solar, or the alternator.  Power is converted when needed and used to operate necessary equipment and even HVAC system when the vehicle engine is turned off. 


Reducing idle time saves on fuel cost and emissions output over time.  Reduced idling also saves engine wear and tear. 


Anyone who idles engine or uses generator to do their jobs can benefit from our revolutionary solutions. Engine idling and generator use should be the last recourse or rather be eliminated for good. Our Lithium-ion powered technology can be used in a variety of ways and benefit many different markets such as work truck, utility, fire, EMS, police, and other government agencies.