Our leading-industry brands have been supplying the Telecom Wireless/Industrial industries for over 30 years.

American Battery Charging: Our Industrial Products provide battery chargers primarily for standby power applications.  These range from small 12V-6A chargers up through 240V-600A.  We provide these chargers as individual components or package them along with accessory items like alarms, timers and distribution circuits.  Battery enclosures and consoles may also be included.

For Railroad Transit, we provide chargers and related equipment for passenger rail cars.   These products vary widely and are extremely rugged and reliable, serving the national railroad passenger corporation and many other rail transit entities.

Newmar: Founded in 1970, Newmar's mission is to be the most responsive supplier of reliable DC Power Products for wireless, broadband, public safety, 2-way, oil and gas and railroad applications.

We Power the Network by offering a robust DC Power products line including rackmount rectifiers, battery chargers, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, heavy duty power supplies, power distribution, integrated rackmount and enclosure power systems and battery back-up, and accessories. The factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Duracomm: DuraComm is your complete source for ultra-reliable AC to DC switch-mode power supplies, DC to DC power converters, battery management and charging systems, power distribution, and a host of complementary accessories. DuraComm markets an extensive portfolio of OEM/Industrial power supplies for a variety of applications and needs. From simple desktop units to sophisticated rack mount battery management systems, DuraComm has a complete line of products for any customer.