Jerel Ellis Promoted to Purkeys General Manager & Vice President

COSTA MESA, Calif., April 07, 2022 – We are very pleased to announce that Jerel Ellis has been promoted to Purkeys General Manager & Vice President. Jerel has spent over 20 years at Purkeys, leading various customer-facing functions, particularly sales. Prior to joining Purkeys, Jerel was part of the J.B. Hunt Transport team for over 7 years. During that time, Jerel held several different roles, which helped him build a strong foundation of how fleets operate and what their needs are. Throughout his years at Purkeys, Jerel has continued to increase his knowledge of the heavy-duty trucking industry.

Jerel had the opportunity to work closely with former Purkeys’ GM Justin Purkey (now the VP of Administration at Purkeys’ parent company, Mission Critical Electronics) and before that with Purkeys’ founder Bruce Purkey. Through these experiences with Bruce and Justin Purkey, Jerel continues a first-hand legacy of working closely with our customers to solve their problems and anticipate their emerging needs from service to new product development. For example, under Jerel’s leadership, Purkeys launched SAFEX, Level 3 480V power for eTRUs (Trailer Refrigeration Units) to help our customers electrify their trailers and trucks. SAFEX received an official Innovation Award from HDT at TMC last month.

Jerel will continue to work closely with the other GMs and functional leaders across MCE Vehicle Power as they continue to jointly solve fleet, dealer, and OEM needs in the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry.

Jerel and his wife Jennifer have 3 children and will continue to reside in Northwest Arkansas

Congratulations, Jerel!

To learn more about Jerel, check out his profile page here on the Purkey’s website:

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