Purpose • Vision • Commitment

Customer Focus

The MCE team is dedicated to delivering superior value to our customers by providing high-quality products and unmatched levels of responsiveness. Production operations are tailored to provide customers with the shortest lead times and, in many cases, same integration questions. Custom designed solutions are available.

Specialized Products

By working closely with users and obtaining a deep understanding of application and performance requirements, MCE has developed a wide offering of electronic power products that fit a variety of mission critical applications in emergency and specialty vehicles, marine, public safety, wireless networks, industrial power, mobile communications and mobile computing.

Proven Technology

MCE products are designed and tested to withstand the most hostile environments. Robustness is designed in by beginning with a thorough understanding of the end-use application, creating a products architecture that can accommadate extreme conditions, choosing the highest quality components and ensuring quality standards are met through every step of the production process.


All Systems Go

Mission Critical Reliability

When it has to work, when it cannot fail, the MCE brands of Kussmaul Electronics, Newmar Power, ASEA Power Systems, Power Products Unlimited and American Battery Charging are the names you can trust. Our exacting quality standards have made MCE products the recognized industry standard for reliability in mission critical applications.